Damian & Mayra Senquiz
Damian & Mayra Senquiz

High Level Real Estate Career Opportunity

We Generate Seller and Buyer Appointments for Real Estate Agents


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Sharon Morales – From New Agent to Super Star Agent in No Time Flat!

Sell More Homes and Make More Money than You ever Thought Possible!

No Cold Calling… No Manual Grunt Prospecting… Spend Your Time Actually Selling…

Free Report titled “End Prospecting and Make More Money” Details this Exclusive Career Changing Opportunity!

Hi my name is Damian Senquiz and I am the CEO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, an award winning real estate sales team.

Because of our unique marketing methods and proprietary way of doing business, my team continuously has an overflow of buyer and seller prospects to follow up with… and they all want help on buying or selling real estate.

Instead of over-promises that somehow will miraculously make a difference in your business,
we will teach you the secrets of real top producing agents that actually make you real money!

So what are some of the top over-promises that most broker-owners make?

  1. Join our team because consumers know us and will do business just based on our name. (If that were true, then why aren’t ALL the agents at these companies making good incomes?)
  2. We have a great commission split. (If that was the most important factor, then every brokerage would just raise their splits; also what if you don’t know how to generate business: $0 x a high split still equals no money!)
  3. Our training program will teach you everything you need to know. (Really? Who’s the trainer and do they sell houses every year or are they hoping what they teach will work?

By the way, Damian and Mayra Senquiz has been recognized:

  • Top 1% Producer 2016-2022 (Georgia)
  • Ranked Top #35 out of the Top 250 Real Estate Agents Nationally (NAHREP)
  • Craig Proctor’s Quantum Leap Award Recipient (2019)
  • CP Platinum Craig Proctor’s Millionaire Agent Award Recipient (2019)
  • 1 Brokerage Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty (Georgia 2021)
  • Featured on Craig Proctor the book “Death of the traditional real estate salesperson: Rise of the super-profitable real estate sales team”

The good news is that there is a better and easier way to be successful in the real estate industry… it has already been figured out and all you have to do is copy it!

If you want to take advantage of a real opportunity, then all you have to do is answer a few simple questions and take action

  1. Are you driven and do you have a good work ethic? (If you think real estate is easy, then stop right here.)
  2. Are you open-minded and coachable? (Being open to a different and better way is critical…following the pack yields mediocre results.)

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to make more money in less time selling real estate then complete the form to schedule a confidential interview right now.
I look forward to showing you a better way!

How to Make a Good Living selling Real Estate without Ever Prospecting Again

If you’re sick and tired of working 70 hours a week, hate pestering people for business, despise wasting time with insincere buyers and sellers, and are serious about making a six figure income in real estate without ever prospecting again, this may be the most important call you will ever make.

We have developed a completely unique real estate system which not only helps our agents easily earn a high six figure income, but also provides exceptional service for our many clients.

This is where you come in…

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You Can Increase Your Appointments and Closings — Literally Overnight! Our System can put you in the very enviable position of assisting these motivated buyer and seller prospects. You see, most of the people who call us day-to-day need an agent to work with. That’s right, all of the Buyer and Seller prospects call us – our Team does no cold-calling. Our unique lead generation system turns the tables on mind numbing cold calls.

Right now we are looking for serious, full time real estate professionals to handle this over flow of prospects.

So here’s My Offer…

I’m offering to give you an endless stream of Seller and Buyer appointments to work with in exchange for you joining our team. Sales Associates with our team make a lot of money, but more importantly they keep more of it since there are no marketing expenses, no wasted time prospecting and they spend their time actually selling homes. Plus these agents receive leading edge training on all of our exclusive systems, marketing and consumer programs.

In fact, we are so sure of our process You will earn an additional 100K Guaranteed or We’ll Pay You the Difference!* Call us today at 678-263-2115 and start living the life you dreamed of!

Agent Review:

Stefany Vasquez
Real Estate Agent
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty

“Since joining Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, my view of the industry and how hard it used to be has completely changed. It takes a certain type of person to become apart of the Team but once you are in, I can’t imagine someone wanting to go back to the “old” way of doing things. I have more people to meet in a month than I could likely find in a year on my own and every one of them is serious about buying/selling. It conserves my time as I get busier and in the end means more money in my pocket.”

To find out more about this amazing career opportunity call (678) 263-2115 or complete the form on this page.

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